International Trade Compliance Consulting

compLight, LLC, specializes in providing guidance to clients involved in international trade activities by bringing over 30 years of experience and knowledge in international trade. With experience in all phases from customer service and order management to computer systems installation to implementation of export and import compliance management systems and procedures, compLight is truly capable of “shining light on compliance” for your organization.

The need to comply with the various export and import regulations complicates the already difficult business of selling into the international marketplace. These regulations are not necessarily intuitive and, in many cases, are much more complex and involved than the domestic regulations we are familiar with. This can result in confusion and uncertainty, significantly increasing the risk of violation of the regulations and the penalties that may result. compLight, LLC stands ready to assist your organization in having the systems and procedures in place, as well as the trained personnel, to bring light to these regulations, thereby reducing risk of violations and penalties.